1. collage

This method is used for creating all kinds of photo effects presented at Funny.Pho.to.


Name Type Minimum value Maximum value Default value Description
template_name string      

The ID of a template you want to use. At the moment we provide IDs by request. Please send the list of effect URLs you'd like to use at api@pho.to.
Example: for http://funny.pho.to/phone-in-hands/ effect template_name=1171
for http://funny.pho.to/nautical-frame/ template_name=1152
for http://funny.pho.to/nun-face-in-hole/ effect template_name=1230

template_variant int 0    

Some templates / effects have variations. This parameter is used to set the variation number (starting from zero).

crop_portrait bool FALSE    

This parameter determines whether the 'face auto crop' option will be applied to the image. This parameter is only used in 'non-facial' templates, as in 'face detection' templates the face is cropped by default. If this parameter is true, and the template can host several user photos, each of the photos will be cropped.

text string      

User-defined text to be placed on the resulting image. Base64 encoding is used. Adding usert-defined text is possible only with templates that support text adding. User-defined text will be placed in a particular place predefined by the designer. Text color and style are also predefined. If you are not happy with the text style defined by a template, use the write_text method.

text2 string      

Another user-defined text caption. Its properties are the same as in text parameter. The text2 parameter is used in a limited number of templates.

animation bool FALSE    

This parameter determines whether the resulting photo effect will be static or animated. This parameter can be only true in templates that support animation. If a template doesn't support animation, the animation parameter cannot be true (otherwise an error will occur).