To use the API you should obtain a pair of keys. Register an account at and apply for free DEMO keys with the limit of 100 requests per day. DEMO keys can always be upgraded for much higher volumes of requests.

The procedures of sending requests and getting results via the API are described in the Documentation section.

Each request to API should contain two required parameters: a private key (KEY) and a public key (APP_ID). The private key (KEY) is hidden from others and is used for encrypting certain parameters in a request. The private key (KEY) can be changed if someone has stolen it. The public key (APP_ID) is used overtly as your application identifier. It is useless without a private key (KEY). The public key (APP_ID) can be deactivated if it has not been used for a long period of time.

Here are examples of an APP_ID and a KEY:

app_id: D9276B0B4281FF54C44CAE062553

key: 4JF1A40BA5E03D1A709AA5634C1D

You can start with the API by registering at and applying for a DEMO private key (KEY) and a DEMO public key (APP_ID) in your developer account settings. A DEMO private key (KEY) and a DEMO public key (APP_ID) are limited by 100 requests a day. Also, DEMO keys are not licensed for producing printed materials for commercial use, i.e. printing postcards, posters, T-shirts, etc.

If you want to make more than 100 requests a day or you want to print the results you should apply for a paid key. Fill in the key upgrade form in your developer account settings and we’ll contact you to discuss the payment details. After we receive the payment, the limit of the number of API request will be increased to the requested value.