API is a web-based image editing solution for image enhancement and manipulation. The API supports connection via HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You are welcome to visit our photo editing services, as well as check out VicMan’s iOS and Android applications, to get an idea about the API functionality.

The API was opened to let everybody benefit from our image editing technologies. As a developer you can use the API to give your users the ability to enhance photos with smart automatic and semi-automatic tools, directly from within your website or application.

Sophisticated yet fast API algorithms help correct colors, remove red eye, apply various photo filters and artistic effects, retouch portraits, create photo collages and montages and much more, in a single button click, and in a single HTTP(S) request! API servers are highly scalable, so they can process millions of requests in a day.

The list of API methods is very large. Here are just some of them:

Photo editing:

  • basic photo manipulation tools like crop, rotate and resample;
  • image adjustment tools such as exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, color temperature, color correction and shadow-highlight;
  • image filters like blur, denoise and deblur;
  • adding text caption and image watermark tools.

Face retouch:

  • portrait retouching tools like red eye removal, eye whitening, skin healing and complex all-in-one face retouching.

Artistic photo filters:

  • color filters: black and white, sepia, color tint, sunny colors, HDR;
  • customizable photo-to-cartoon filter;
  • photo-to-painting filters: oil painting, water color, dry brush, pointillism, Van Gogh style, impressionism;
  • photo-to-drawing filters: pencil, chalk and charcoal, fusain, ink, pastel, crayon, sanguine and even window ice drawing;
  • fancy photo filters: neon, mosaic, pixelation, edge detection, fire, matrix, plastic, underwater, engraving, infrared, isolines, various fractals, image to text effect;
  • stylized filters: Dave Hill style, vintage, old photo, split toning, color isolation.

Fun collages:

  • 600+ high quality photo effects, filters, borders, backgrounds and photo frames for virtually all tastes and needs;
  • customizable templates with the ability to add a user-defined text and your website watermark.

Animation effects:

  • basic animation methods: converting a set of images into animation, slideshow from a set of images, slideshow with fading effect, animated blinking effect;
  • animated mask effects for face photos (with automatic detection of face/eyes in a photo): terminator head, x-ray head, various animated eyes;
  • animated sprites: particles (snow, rain, bubbles), sparkles, hearts, disco lights, sniper aim, radar, magnifier;
  • animated fancy filters: fire, matrix, plastic, positive to negative photo animation, puzzle, hill of ashes, waterflow, water reflection, fractal, kaleidoscope;
  • animated frames;
  • user-defined animated text.


  • face morphing functions to create funny caricatures;
  • animation between the normal and the morphed face to create fun animated face GIFs.

Face detection and face features extraction:

  • face detection: returns the rectangle around the face;
  • face insertion: inserts the face into the specified face hole;
  • iris segmentation;
  • skin extraction.

There are also some additional useful methods:

  • separate processing of face and non-face regions of the image;
  • blending images after processing them with different methods.

You can start using API in DEMO mode for free. Visit the Pricing page to choose the plan that fits you most.

The procedures of sending requests and getting results via API are described below into Sending requests and Getting results sections.